American Defender Classes

 "American Defender" classes starting January 19th (Sat.) This program will involve 15 classes over the course of the year, building on the core principles of effective weapons handling and the survival mindset. The classes are as follows:

  • Dynamic Handgun Fundamentals
  • Advanced Handgun
  • Basic Rifle
  • Advanced Rifle
  • Low Light Handgun
  • Home Defense Principles
  • Room Clearing Tactics
  • Basic Tactical Medic
  • Tactical Medic Live-Fire Scenarios
  • Small Team/Unit Tactics
  • Physical Self Defense Tactics
  • Civilian Active Shooter Response
  • Force on Force Scenarios
  • Vehicle Tactics
  • Disaster Survival

The classes will be 3-4 hours each and are designed to build on the previous class. Students may jump in to classes as they come up, with instructor approval. If you have been looking for some training beyond just CCW classes, this is it. Led by professional firearms instructor Dave Kemp. The class on Saturday January 19th will run from 10:00 - 2:00 and will be a Basic Equipment/Basic Handgun class. Get your handgun education started on the right track, and have a great time doing it. Class descriptions coming out soon on the website. Costs will range from $50-$100 per class, depending on the class. Discounts will be available for purchasing the entire program. Call 618-889-4238 to get signed up.