Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

From the Pulitzer Prize nominated author of "On Combat" and "On Killing" Ret. Lt. Col David Grossman commented on training with Sgt. David Kemp: "The training I received from Sgt. Dave Kemp is world-class training. I have trained at Gunsight, Front Sight, and Sig Arms Academy, and this is as good, if not better than any of them. We learned things and did things (many things) that I have never seen before. Some real innovations happened here! Sgt. Kemp is rising star in the training industry!"

Carla - Marion, IL

"I had a class with Sgt. Kemp and his staff and they had an amazing program. He made us feel comfortable and at ease in a situation that I thought I would feel intimidated. I am going back for more!!"

Judy W. - West Frankfort, IL

"I took the women's only basic handgun class in July with Jolene and it was awesome.  I learned a lot about fundamentals.  I have been shooting before with my husband at another local range but always felt intimidated because it was a 'male dominated' range. Tombstone makes women feel confident and not anxious at all. I would definitely recommend it to other women.  Thank you Tombstone for a great experience."

Andrea Allen

“Attending the Ladies Basic Handgun Course taught by certified instructor Chuck Doan at Tombstone Gun Range and Training Center was very educational. I highly recommend taking a class of his. He taught great techniques that improved my performance and gave me more self-confidence when I shoot. He was a former police officer who was very intelligent and patient with everyone in the class and he showed that he had a true passion for teaching. His presentation was very informative. He had a great sense of humor. I like how he had each student involved. It kept everyone’s attention. His advice is an asset in a gun owner’s life. Tombstone Gun Range is also a family friendly atmosphere and I recommend anyone taking a class there.”

Jim Chapman

"I just finished taking the first class for concealed carry in IL. It was a great class. Our instructor (Dave Kemp) made everything clear, interesting and understandable. I have had a lot of instruction in weapons handling / shooting but I learned things in this class that I didn't know or think about before. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in obtaining their Illinois CCW or just about learning more about safety and shooting."

Richard Yancey

"Practical and well organized information for both experienced and beginners. Good mixture of real life situations and technical information. Very approachable instructors. Great for all levels. Not intimidating. Situational examples helped with mental preparation. Instructor Dave Kemp did an excellent overall job instructing this course. He went above and beyond in answering questions concisely. I would definitely recommend this course to others under Officer Kemp's instruction. Dave Kemp did a excellent job. Very informative well worth the time and money. Very educational. Very professional."

Ken Rath

"Excellent Class! The instructors were very professional and very helpful. Excellent instruction and very interesting.  The instructor did a great job."

Mike N.

"Enjoyed the class.  It was interesting and the time flew by quickly. I took the CC class yesterday and was really impressed. Dave really presents well in the classroom and everything was done professionally. The range safety was really impressive. I have shot on a lot of ranges and was totally comfortable with the safety factor at your place. The pre-incident range briefing was something that I haven’t seen outside of specialized training and I thought it worked well. It not only prepared the class for an accident scenario, but reinforced the gravity of live fire training before anyone went outside. Very well done."